Candied Ginger  Style 8365 PK | Size: 2T-4T, 4-6X, 7-10
Candied Ginger, Style 8365 PK | Size: 2T-4T, 4-6X, 7-10

Curious about why young girls especially love pink, Google assured us that scientists have proven that girls do in fact love pink more than boys do. And, the preference crosses over to many different cultures. We’ve always known that almost every family has at least one girl who “thinks pink.” Isobella & Chloe satisfies with its “Candied Ginger” confection with “ribbon candy” ruffle runners all around the dress, plus an extra coating of snow-pink lace on the bodice. We even added a blushing pink fabric rose appliqué. Like frosting on a sweet girl’s cakewalk.

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