Madison is wearing Makin' A Splash bikini, style 8684TY in size 2T-14, available in stores now.
Madison is wearing Makin’ A Splash bikini, style 8684TY in size 2T-14, available in stores now.

Happy Father’s Day! We asked our Brand Ambassador Madison her Dad and the adventures they have together, from rugged off-road jeeping to cheerleading, dancing and, of course, lots of swimming and playing in the pool together. Fun times!

What would you like to do to celebrate Father’s Day?
I would go jeeping and mudding with my dad because he loves to go jeeping.

What are some interesting things to know about your Daddy?
My dad stunts me for cheer practice. He jumps on the trampoline with me and does back tucks. He also takes me and my brothers to work with him a lot. My dad has a long lost sister that he has never met and doesn’t know. I have been told that I look a lot like her when she was a baby.

What do you like about your Grandfather?
My grandfather was in the army and he still works for the army today.

What does your Daddy do to make you laugh?
My dad makes me laugh when he sings in the car.

What does your Dad do at his job?
My dad owns his own business, build houses, and does remodels on homes.

What would you like to be when you grow up?
I want to be a teacher when I grow up because I love little kids.

What do you and your Daddy most like to do together?
I like to go swimming with my dad because he throws me up in the air and does flips with me.

What is a favorite memory about your Dad?
I had a cheer competition and my Dad competed on stage against all the other dads. They had to create their own dance. It was hilarious.

What do you most like about the swimsuit you received as an Isobella & Chloe Brand Ambassador?
I got a blue tulle bathing suit that I love. I can’t wait to wear it at the beach.

What do your children like to do with their Dads? How do you like to celebrate Father’s Day? Be sure to check out our new swimwear collection at retailers now!

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