Celebrating Christmas with Valentina

Isobella & Chloe Brand Ambassador Valentina, age 4, opens her gifts with Santa! Here’s what else she shared with us about her holiday wishes and traditions: Q. What is on your wish list for Christmas this year? A. That all boys and girls get Christmas presents. Q. What do you like to do for fun during the … Continue Reading

Celebrating Christmas with AnnaLane

Isobella & Chloe Brand Ambassador AnnaLane, age 4, is excited to be celebrating the holidays. Here is what she shared with us about her holiday wishes and traditions: Q. What is on your wish list for Christmas this year? A. I want Santa to bring a puppy, or baby brother and sister. Q. What do you like … Continue Reading

The Stewarts Celebrate Thanksgiving with Mickey & Minnie!About AnnaLane Kenzie Stewart, Age 4

AnnaLane’s mom, Angela, told us, “AnnaLane didn’t understand she won the Isobella & Chloe Brand Ambassador honor until she received her first prize dress in the mail. When she opened the box, which included an outfit, sash and crown, she was thrilled.  She is very excited and prances around the house wearing her sash and … Continue Reading

Meet a Little Princess that Feels Like a Queen! About Valentina B. Hetsler, Age 4

When Valentina B. Hetsler’s mom, Oriana, told her she had won the title of Brand Ambassador for Isobella & Chloe, she said, “I am famous and a queen no!”. She is so excited with her first new Isobella & Chloe dress, which came with a tiara and ribbon sash. Because November starts the month of … Continue Reading

Blessings Shine Through her Dear Departed Friend About Madison Alvarez, Age 10

Madison’s mother, Sarah Alvarez, reports that her daughter was ecstatic and very excited to be named a brand ambassador for Isobella & Chloe. Her outgoing spirit had recently fallen, following the passing of her dear friend Ali who died from Infantile Batten’s disease, a rare neurological illness. Madison devotedly visited her friend in the hospital … Continue Reading