Valentina Hetsler, I&C Brand Ambassador 2015 (4-6X Group)

When Valentina B. Hetsler’s mom, Oriana, told her she had won the title of Brand Ambassador for Isobella & Chloe, she said, “I am famous and a queen no!”. She is so excited with her first new Isobella & Chloe dress, which came with a tiara and ribbon sash.

Because November starts the month of Thanksgiving and family gatherings, we learned that Valentina celebrates the main November holiday with her family and a big dinner. Valentina loves to put on a show for the family, along with her brother Sebastian, about the history of the first Thanksgiving. She loves to put on shows for her family, go to Disney, and play princess anytime she gets a chance with any of her family members.

Oriana is the owner of a retail business named Tiaras and Frogs in Jacksonville, Florida, so Valentina sees plenty of girls’ fashions, including Isobella & Chloe dresses that keep her princess spirit spinning. Her mom says, “Our Little Tiaras and Frogs princess is beautiful inside and out!”

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