We hope you and your family had a happy Mother’s Day celebration. Since May is the month that we celebrate our mothers, we put the spotlight on our Brand Ambassador’s mothers. Madison, age 10, shares her thoughts and feelings about her mother, Sarah. What did you and your family due to celebrate Mother’s Day? I … Continue Reading

The Dock Strike Can Slow Us, But Not Get Us Down

According to front-page news in the March 1 edition of the Los Angeles Times, “More than 4,400 ships bring nearly $400 billion worth of goods through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach every year, a crucial link in the global supply chain of factories, warehouses, docks, highways and rail lines.”  (By Chris Kirkham … Continue Reading

Potty Training 101by Emily Fong, President of Isobella & Chloe

Potty training is supposed to be a “developmental milestone” for a kid, or at least that is what I have read when researching how to get this sordid, yet absolutely necessary task, done! This is the exact challenge that I find myself, my husband, and son tackling now. The other night, my son and I … Continue Reading

Tell us the one about “going back to school!”

Here’s a good one from one of our Isobella & Chloe team members: Leslie was so excited about starting kindergarten, especially since her best friend would be in her class and their moms had planned to take turns driving the girls to school. Leslie’s mom told her, “You will be carpooling to school with your … Continue Reading

What Does It Mean to Do Things #LikeAGirl ?

Raspberry Limeaid, from our Spring 2014 Collection, is in this inspiring Always commercial, entitled #LikeAGirl. It’s a empowering viral campaign about how we can teach our girls to believe and strengthen themselves! Click on the image below to view the entire commercial.  Please join the Twitter conversation here on what it means to do things #LikeAGirl, and tag us … Continue Reading