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Maybe our Brand Ambassadors Anna Lane and Valentina will one day run on the same ticket for President of the United States. AnnaLane’s platform is based on letting children sleep late (even on school days), while Valentina’s proposes that children be able to stay up as late as they want!

In February, we also celebrate President’s Day and honor Presidents Abraham Lincoln and President George Washington.
I know who George Washington was. The capital is named after him and he’s on the quarter!

If you were President of the United States, what would you want to do?
Be on TV and let all the kids in the United States stay up every night as long as they wanted!

What does “Valentine’s Day” mean to you?
Valentine’s Day is also my saint day! I love getting all my Valentine’s cards at school from friends, and a special gift from my special Valentine, my Daddy! My Mommie and Daddy picked out my name “Valentina” because they fell in love with it.

Who do you want to be your Valentine this year?
My daddy is normally my Valentine each year, but this year he will be out of town for work. So, my brother and grandfather will be my Valentine this year!

What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
I love filling out Valentine’s cards to pass out to my friends at school. We normally eat pizza and play board games with my family on Valentine’s Day. I love eating all the chocolate they give me!

What new outfit for February did you get from Isobella & Chloe?
This was my favorite outfit so far. It’s really beautiful and I plan on taking it on my Disney cruise next month. The outfit has lace and sparkles and makes me feel like a princess.

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